FISH CAN FLY LLC - Terms & Conditions

1. A ticket of specified type is your guarantee of your entrance to the show.
2. You can get the money back only in case of show cancellation. Please apply to promoter.
3. You may be refused the entrance if one of the following is true: you’re in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication; your behavior is aggressive; you’re conflicting with show’s security guards or other visitors.
4. Purchase of the ticket is an instant permission to all types of photo and video shooting and their usage by show’s organizers.
5. The ticket gives you one-time entrance right to the show. You can’t re-enter the show after you leave the venue.
6. The following items are strictly prohibited for taking with you to the show: any kind of weapons or explosives; glass items; all kinds of food and beverages; all kinds of narcotic substances or articles for their usage. Visitors who are violating these regulations and do not comply to the authorities, will be forced to leave the show without a compensation of the ticket costs.